About EVEX

EVEX is a trade association for the event and exhibition industry in Denmark. The association was founded in 1987 by the exhibition industry (Messe Team). In 2012, the association expanded with the AV, sound and lighting companies from the event industry, and the name of the association was changed to EVEX - Event & Exhibition Association Denmark.

EVEX is much more than just a trade association. We are very much a network of top professional businesspeople whose primary interest is the event and exhibition industry, and we are not afraid to share knowledge and experience.

We have more than 40 members and our membership consists of a wide range of companies and suppliers.

  • We create trust, we understand each other, and we have an open dialogue
  • We establish relations across situations of competition
  • We create a forum where openness and honesty form the base of the way we think and act in our association
  • We ensure to maintain continuously high levels within quality, safety, and ethic rules in our field
  • We take active part in the professional committees within our field to keep innovating and improving the education
  • We help developing the education and ensuring continuous focus on the quality of the education
  • We continuously work on improving the general awareness to our field of business
  • Our association consists of professional, dedicated members - individuals as well as
  • We distribute facts, standards, certificates, and demand specifications for products and productions - nationally as well as internationally
Know how
  • Collectively, our members possess a wide range of competences and together they create a complete pallet of companies happy to exchange knowledge and experience
  • We are more than 40 company members corresponding to an organization representing about 700 employees and a total turnover of approx. DKK 800.000.000,-
  • We are member of a relevant international organization ensuring the possibility of sparring in a strong international network

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The global reality

The event and exhibition industry is experiencing a shift from being a craft-oriented industry to becoming an industry being more knowledge-and communication-oriented. The market and demand for services become more international and competitors are often large foreign players, as well as local providers of standard services. In the intensified competition we will be stronger through cooperation and networking.

EVEX is a member of the International Federation IFES

From trade-fair to event and exhibition

The association of the event and exhibition industry were effected due to a rapid development in the rental industry. In a short time the industry went from being a subculture to becoming a real industry. The events are larger; the technique more complicated; the demands for creativity and quality are higher. Through a strong and inspiring network the major tasks that have followed the developments are best handled.